Phage Annotation Tools and Methods


What can you do with PhAnToMe?

Soon you will be able to:

  • Upload a fasta-formatted or Genbank-formatted phage sequence and have it annotated in about 24 hours or less (Phage RAST Beta—in final preparation). Update: The test version of phiRAST has been running since Sep 1 2010 and has been already updated twice since. This version will be made public very soon, but we want to make sure it has been tested enough before its release. If you wish to have your newly sequenced phage genomes annotated and would like to be one of the phiRAST testers, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • Design and execute your own BioBike programs to access, analyze, and compare phage genomes and phage proteins.
  • Upload your metagenomes to Eco-Locator and determine the distribution of the metagenomic sequences in all phage genomes in the PhAnToMe database

If you use this work, please cite the following sources:

For subsystems and phage SEED, the current references are:

For RAST, the Rapid Annotation pipeline, use:

For BioBike, use:

If you use unpublished work, please contact us!

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